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Welcome to Florida

Caribbean Island Deluxe

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Caribbean Island Dolphin View

In only about 30 minutes from Southwest Florida International Airport, Fort Myers, you get to our exclusive, luxury vacation rental homes in Cape Coral!

There is no shuttle needed at the airport as you pick up the car directly at the airport. You only cross a small road to get your car. No waste of time, vacation begins here.  There are direct flights from outside or the USA from Toronto and Ottawa, Canada and Dusseldorf, Germany. You get direct connection from many US airports.

Conveniences to arrive at RSW Fort Myers International Airport:


You are going to fly to Miami? - From Miami Intl. Airport the ride is approx. 2.5 hours. Should you arrive at Fort Lauderdale you also drive about 2.5 hours - you need about the same time like from Miami to get to our vacation rental homes in Florida, Cape Coral. As Cape Coral can be reached easily from the different airports in Southwest or South Florida you will be able to get to your vacation rental home on the same day. Please print out the directions to the privately owned luxury vacation rental houses in Cape Coral, the vacation homes Caribbean Island Deluxe, Caribbean Island Grand Deluxe or Caribbean Island Dolphin View!

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Southwest Florida International Airport RSW

Car Rental

Garage        Offices


Access to the Vacation Rental House

You are going to get the code for the key lock box - which is fixed for your vacation time - shortly before you get there including further details information about the houses and contact information about the property manager by e-mail. Due to that you have access to your vacation rental home on the arrival day from 4 p.m. and can travel without any stress.

Check In will be done usually on the following morning after your arrival. You will get information about the time schedule when you arrive on the kitchen bar. Please do not forget that you have to pay the cleaning fee cash to the property manager during check in. If we had to charge you 11% taxes had to be added. If you pay on site it is considered as a service fee, which is tax-free. Please be so kind as to pay during the check out cash the electric fees above the amount we cover.    Please consider that traveler check payments are not possible any more as the banks usually do not accept them any more.

Key Lock Box

The key will be deposited in the box from 4 p.m. in the afternoon and the code will valid also from 4 p.m.

1. Move the numbers of the combination lock
    and set them as you are used to it from
    using a lock from a Samsonite suitcase.

2. Push the black bar (which is on the left     from the figures)

3. The entire grey colored front will open

4. After you opened the door, please close the key lock box, change
    the numbers that show the current code and draw the cover above
    the combination lock.