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About us / owner information:

The owners Heidi Strohschein and Juergen Kroeger rent  the custom built vaction rental homes

 Caribbean Island Deluxe,

 Caribbean Island Grand Deluxe and

 Caribbean Island Dolphin View in Cape Coral.

The owners are the sole authorized contact to rent the before mentioned vacation houses. The owners are German and speak English fluently. They rent very successfully homes in Cape Coral since 2006 are proud about their outstanding reputation in the market. No one else acts on behalf of the owner as no one else than the ones who planned, built and furnished the house and take care of it very carefully is able to give you the impressions and explanations but them. This is the owners’ private website giving also prospective guests from the US, Canada or elsewhere far from Germany to contact the owners directly and receiving an e-mail or call back directly from them.

About us:

We have been experienced travelers – in Florida since 1988 – and also love the Caribbean, which is besides Florida our preferred area to spend our vacation. Many impressions from those trips have been integrated and influence into the vacation rental houses in Florida. Our highest aim is to have pleased customers! Heidi worked for many years for the QM-dept. of the Coca-Cola headquarter in Germany and knows what high standards are and how to keep them.
If you compare our houses with others you will see that you will not get
another house with such an equipment and high standard for such a good price. The reason is that our houses are not just regular rental houses. We
built them also to spend our own vacation and to live in one of them when
we are going to retire some day. It is our personal service to our prospective guests to offer the opportunity to get each and every question answered individually and within a short time. We want you to be sure the Caribbean Island is right for and will meet all your demands before you make your final decision. If you think about something you might be missing, please let us know. You as our guest will always find a sympathetic ear, no matter what you are looking f


Thank you for reviewing our policies regarding any personal information you may choose to provide to us by email, fax or over the phone. You can be assured that we take your privacy very seriously and carefully protect any and all information entrusted to us. We collect information that you voluntarily provide to prepare any rental contract and that helps us serve you better. We do not share your information with anyone else unless you have approved of such sharing in advance.

We collect all private information you supply to us and keep it confidential. This is in particular:

your first and last name and first and last names of all guests staying with you

your date of birth and the dates of births of all guests accordingly

your e-mail address

your full street address, city, state, ZIP Code

Your phone and cell phone number, and the ones of other guests if provided to us.

The property manager of the house you rent will receive your name and cell phone number only to contact you during the stay in Cape Coral.

Supplying us with your e-mail and postal addresses - and do not specify otherwise - you may receive messages from us with information on our latest new, changes of services etc., which might be useful for you for future vacation plans.

Please send us an e-mail or call if you decide that you no longer wish to receive such messages.
For proper identification (many names are similar), please be sure to include your full name, middle name included and address and all e-mail addresses that may be associated with your record. This helps us pricesely locate your information in our file. Such information will only be used to comply with your request.

We use your data for the vacation rental contracts and for informing you about news as before mentioned. We do not sell any data to anyone. We have to supply personal data to insurances in case of any insurance case. Furthermore authorities have the right to asking for information about your contract including all information for audit reasons, which we will have to provide to them. These are the only cases we supply any personal data as strictly confidential.

We store your data confidential. Your privacy is very important to us.


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Contact Details Owners

Heidi Strohschein                                          Heidi Strohschein

Juergen Kroeger                                            Juergen Kroeger

P.O. Box 150340                                           Pflugweg 99

Cape Coral, FL-33915                                    58454 Witten

USA                                                             GERMANY

Phone: +1-239-628-6704 (US Phone), +49 2302 1712626 (German Phone)

Please dial from the US / Canada 01149 23021712626


Our houses advertized on this website are licensed to be rented by us at Florida Department & Business Professional Regulation, Tallahassee. - License No. DWE4605801

Your perfect vacation in our private luxury rental houses Caribbean Island Deluxe, Grand Deluxe or Dolphin View in Cape Coral.

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Our houses advertized on this website are licensed to be rented by us at Florida Department & Business Professional Regulation, Tallahassee. - License No. DWE4605801

We are member of the Chamber of Commerce in Cape Coral.

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Object # 41870  for the Caribbean Island Deluxe

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Object # 2045782 for the Caribbean Island Dolphin View.